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What should I do if I have a work related injury in Kentucky?

Seek Medical Treatment – Of course, seek emergency medical treatment if you need it. In fact, you may be required to be treated by a medical provider so your condition does not get worse. The employer is usually responsible for all reasonable medical treatment, including ambulances and emergency rooms. Remember, in Kentucky, you get to pick the medical provider.

Give Notice – Kentucky workers compensation law requires you to give notice of a work related injury to your employer. This means you should tell a supervisor about your injury as soon as possible. The actual law says the notice should be in writing, but Kentucky courts have decided that verbal notice is sufficient. Some workers who have injuries which develop over long periods of time have a hard time determining when to give notice. An example would be a worker that develops carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motion activities of a job. In those situations, employees should give notice as soon as they know they have a work related injury. This would usually be after a doctor tells them their problem is worker related.

Contact OSHA – If the injury was caused by a safety violation it should be reported to OSHA.

Contact an attorney – An attorney can guide you through the claims process, give advice about benefits, help with filling out forms, filing those forms, and represent you before the Department of Workers Claims.

File a claim – In order to get medical and lost wage benefits, you must file a claim with the workers compensation insurance carrier. Normally, the employer will file it. If it does not, you may need to contact the Kentucky Department of Workers Claims directly to get the carrier information (502-564-5550). You may also be required to file a formal claim yourself with the Kentucky Department of Workers Claims in Frankfort, and have an Administrative Law Judge to order benefits be paid.

Helpful hints – Write down the date and nature of your injury, any witness’s names, the date and name of the supervisor you gave notice about the injury, and the names of the medical providers that treat you.

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