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Deadliest jobs in Kentucky

The Kentucky Department of Labor just released the list of the deadliest jobs in Kentucky since 2011. They are:

1. Construction worker (21 deaths)
2. Landscaping/tree services worker (16 deaths)
3. (tie) Truck driver (7 deaths)
4. (tie) Maintenance/repair worker (7 deaths)
5. Mechanic (6 deaths)

Other jobs that included workplace fatalities in Kentucky from 2011 to present include heavy equipment operator (4 deaths), chemical worker (4 deaths), law enforcement officer (3 deaths), delivery driver (3 deaths), medical flight member (3 deaths), contract worker* (2 deaths), farmworker (2 deaths), office worker (2 deaths), and one death each for farm equipment worker, home caregiver, paper mill worker, photographer, sales representative, lathe operator, utility worker, baking company worker, recycling worker and assembly worker.

To review the entire press release, go to this web site:

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