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Do facebook posts matter in my workers compensation claim?

Insurance adjusters, investigators and defense attorneys regularly review social media posts when they investigate a claim. They are looking for posts to argue you were not injured at work, or that you were not injured as bad as you claim.

This is a link to an article that shows how the insurance carriers and their attorneys use social media:

Even innocent posts about you can be misinterpreted and used against you. I advise my clients not to post anything that could be interpreted wrong. For instance, a picture of you on vacation or at a wedding may be used to argue you were not in pain and do not need pain medicine. Posts about riding a motorcycle, going to a swimming pool, camping, or playing basketball with a grandchild can be used to argue you are active and under no disability. Even posts about your location should be avoided. Checking in on facebook at a restaurant, ball game, concert, or an amusement park can be used to argue you able to drive and get around.

Always Be careful about what you post. Before you make any post, ask yourself how a claims adjuster or defense attorney would view it to use against you. Remember, posts that talk about your pain and the problems your injury caused will be ignored by the other side because they do not help them. Also, be careful about your privacy settings and who you have accepted as friends.

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