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Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

understanding spinal cord injuries

As a Kentucky workers’ compensation attorney, I work with many injured workers to help them receive benefits for their work-related injuries.  Another part of my service is to try to provide resources for those victims and their families.

One of the most severe types of injuries I see are back and neck trauma.  I do my best to help my clients and their families in understanding spinal cord injuries.

I recently found a resource from the Shepherd Center (a top rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta).  What I like about this particular website is
that features easy to understand videos and interesting information about the very situation you may be facing.

Please click this link to learn more about Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries.

The Scheynost Law Offices are not affiliated with Shepherd Center, nor do we receive compensation from them.  My goal, is to simply provide solid information as you and your family members prepare for this new chapter.

Understanding spinal cord injuries is an important topic.  Factory laborers, construction workers, heath care professionals and many other clients routinely experience various types of injuries due to adverse conditions and safety violations.  Some of my clients eventually heal and return to work.  Unfortunately for others, a spinal cord injury may mean the end of a career, or worse.

As I’ve commented in another post, there are physical, as well as emotional and psychological effects involved in serious injuries.  This is especially true for injuries to the back and head.

If you or a family member has sustained a cervical injury or another type of workplace injury, you’re going to notify your employer.  However, you should also contact an experienced workers comp lawyer.  It’s a complicated system.  There’s already enough on your plate.  Contact an attorney who has years of experience dealing with these types of injuries, and a successful track record of helping clients throughout Kentucky.