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AVVO as free consulation for my Kentucky work comp claim?

I only know about answers to Kentucky workers’ compensation questions. Most answers posted by Kentucky attorneys are pretty good. I have posted several answers to questions myself (and I think my answers are also pretty good). The best answers seem to be from lawyers admitted to practice in the state where the answer originated. Lawyers from outside states seem to post answers designed only to get points for their AVVO profile, because AVVO lists the profile higher if you give more answers.

A lot of questions on AVVO require more than the blog entry. They can only really be answered if the person posting sits down and talks to a lawyer. There are a lot of variables that can change the answer, and the attorney also has to ask questions to get to the root of the problem. It can also take a lot of time to answer a complicated question. I want to answer most of the questions I see with “You need to talk to a competent attorney.” But, it seems people asking questions on AVVO don’t want to spend more than five minutes on complicated issues that have a huge impact on their life.

The people posting do not seem to understand how serious their problem can be. Also, a lot of questions just can’t be answered fast and in a few sentences. To be honest, I do not usually feel like spending an hour preparing an adequate answer, so I just skip the question. I am sure a lot of other attorneys feel the same way. It is easier to answer questions on the phone than to write an essay on your computer. I have drafted answers to frequently asked questions about Kentucky claims on my web site:

I hope people posting questions look at AVVO as the first step to solve a problem. I am amazed so many people have waited so long to seek answers and hope they  sit down and talk to an attorney. I feel every response should state the injured employee should sit down and talk to an attorney, because it is usually true.

So, start off with AVVO. But, for serious issues call a Kentucky workers’ compensation attorney. We almost all give you a free consultation, and usually take Kentucky workers’ compensation claims on a contingency fee. What have you got to lose with a free consultation?

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