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5 Reasons You Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Episode 4:  Louisville worker’s compensation lawyer Scott Scheynost discusses 5 reasons you need a workers’ comp lawyer to handle your case. 

Reason #1:  The Kentucky workers’ comp system offers a choice of medical providers.  You have the right to select your own provider.  You company may attempt to have you stick with the “company doctor.”  They and the workers’ compensation insurance carrier want to try to save money on your case.  The focus needs to be on your proper care and healing.  An attorney can help to ensure you receive the treatment you need.

Reason #2:  Your company owes you Temporary Total Disability benefits (TTD), if you’re hurt on the job.  The amount you receive is based on your average weekly wage. It should include your overtime and bonuses during the previous 12 months.  It may also include any second job you may have.  It’s a very complicated calculation.  In fact, it’s often miscalculated resulting in a lower benefit check.  Episode 3 of this podcast spoke extensively about TTD benefits.  The calculation is also used to determine potential permanent disability benefits.  Scott and his staff can review your information and determine if the TTD calculation was done properly.

Reason #3:  The insurance adjuster and company doctor will definitely attempt to influence the true case value of your injury.  This impacts the permanent disability benefit.  The formula depends on several factors:  Your impairment rating, your average weekly wage, whether you can return to your original job, your age and your education.  A workers’ compensation lawyer can effectively argue on your behalf in an effort to properly establish your case’s value and thus, your permanent disability benefits.

Reason #4:  The workers’ compensation adjuster negotiates every day.  An important reason you need a workers’ comp lawyer is has years of experience negotiating with these adjusters on behalf of his/her clients.  This is critically important if you need lifetime benefits or the right to reopen your case down the road.  This is part of Kentucky’s workers’ compensation law, but the adjusters will try to convince you to give up certain rights to get something you may think you need. 

Reason #5:  You need to preserve your rights, especially if your injuries are severe.  Your career and earnings capacity may be limited as a result of your injury.  You may also be eligible for vocational rehabilitation.  Your workers’ comp lawyer can also help you to properly evaluate any offers made by the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster.  You don’t want to accept a low-ball offer, because you didn’t realize your case is worth more.

Contact Scott Scheynost at (502) 937-5287.  This podcast is meant to provide information and is not legal advice.  Scott’s principal office is located at 7619 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40258.  Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson.  This is an advertisement.

Scott Scheynost discusses why you need a Kentucky workers' comp lawyer.