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How to Avoid Probate in Kentucky

Louisville probate attorney Scott Scheynost has worked with individuals and families regarding Wills, probate and other matters related to estates, for many years. Probate is a process most families go through, after a loved one has passed. It can be a lengthy and sometimes costly experience. However, Scott may be able to show families how to avoid probate in Kentucky.

Louisville probate attorney explains how to avoid probate in Kentucky

Scott’s Probate Website

Several months ago, Scott launched a second website focusing on probate and estate issues. The site is In Episode 18 of his podcast, Scott discusses a Kentucky law that allows the family to dispense with probate. Not every estate qualifies. Typically, smaller estates are able to utilize this expedited process.

Scott also discusses the Kentucky spousal exemption, which allows a portion of the assets in the deceased person’s estate to pass directly to the spouse and children. He’ll also provide a tip to help increase the limit on the spousal exemption, so the family can keep more of the money and assets.

Click here to listen to Episode 18 to learn if you can dispense with probate. If so, you’ll avoid delays and expenses related to taxes and attorney fees. Again, not every estate qualifies, but take time to learn how to avoid probate. It could definitely be worth your time to listen.

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